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About Dick:

     -  Written by Kashif Ghazanfar

Dick grew up on the windswept streets of Chicago singing the working class blues straight out of the womb. He spent his teenage years skating on thin ice and half pipes, enchanted by the guttural roar of bands like The Cramps and Motorhead.  

At The American Academy of Art, Dick sharpened and honed his craft as an artist and illustrator with a ferocity that rivaled his Rock & Roll heroes. After diving headfirst into the wild AM nights of Chicago and reveling with the Devil for a spell, Dick finally packed up his truck and hit the highway toward California in the fall of 2000.  

With the steady hands of a prizefighter, Dick hustled and fought for years in The City of Angels, licking his wounds and getting right back on the canvas. Slowly but surely, he began to paint his own escape, each brushstroke a proverbial swing, each finished piece a victory, conjuring fast cars and faster women onto posters and paintings and anything else he could dream up. 

A Low Brow aesthetic fuels Dickcherry’s imagery along with a tireless work ethic befitting his blue-collar roots. If the devil’s in Dick’s details, then he is definitely going to Hell. And, if you’re lucky, he’ll save you a seat by the fire. 

Dick has created original art, rock posters, promotional art and specialty props for films, studios, authors, bands and clients throughout the world. From 9-5, Dick works as a graphic artist at Tinsley Studio creating tattoos for feature films, commercials and television shows.

Check out his IMDB page for the list of shows and films.

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